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Disability Discrimination

The disability discrimination act ensures everyone in a property is fully protected should a fire strike. Make sure you are covered.

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is legislation that promotes the rights of people with disabilities and protects them from discrimination.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act (2005), small to medium sized businesses have to make reasonable adjustments so they do not discriminate against disabled customers or employees.

The law has been designed so that you only have to make reasonable changes, but if you fail to do what is reasonable, a disabled person could take legal action against you for treating them unfairly.

At Basingstoke Fire Protection, we can provide comprehensive fire systems for the disabled. These could be made up from one or a combination of the following:

Visual fire alarms

These fire alarms produce a visual indicator of an alarm, such as using lights or another visual indicator. These alarms are suitable for those with a hearing impairment.

Vibrating pagers

Within a building fitted with an audible alarm, the system is designed so that a certain level of decibels is reached in all parts of the building. Whilst the same level of coverage should apply to a visual alarm system, to fit a warning light to every individual room would not be practical. In order to overcome this situation, vibrating pagers can be issued to hearing impaired staff and visitors.

Vibrating pads

These work in a similar manner to vibrating pagers and are most commonly used in hotels or similar accommodation. The vibrating pad is located under a pillow on the bed and in the event of a fire alarm in the middle of the night the movement of the pad wakens the hearing impaired person.

Please contact us for more information on how the Disability Discrimination Act influences your business.


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