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Safe Foam Disposal

Fire fighting foams can be harmful to the environment, we are approved in the safe disposal of all foams.

The vast majority of fire fighting foams contain fluorinated surfactants, which degrade in the environment to either PFOS or H-PFOS (6:2 FtS).

Fluorosurfactants are the key to foam’s efficiency in fighting a whole range of fires. Fluorosurfactants persist in the environment, i.e. they do not biodegrade and are likely to become toxic. It’s illegal to release them knowingly into groundwater or controlled waters.

The Environment Agency has clear guidelines for compliance with current legislation including the Ground Water Regulations 1998 and the Water Resources Act 1991.

Our foam disposal service

Our foam clean service is open to all fire protection companies who should contact Basingstoke Fire Protection direct. The perfFECTTM system will be made available to them to deal responsibly with your extinguisher foam on your behalf.

Fire service engineers have a major role to play in ensuring that over 3 million litres of fire fighting foam is disposed of responsibly for the direct protection of the community’s water supply.

Your fire service engineers should be issuing you with the required documentation for you to demonstrate that you are handling this material in a responsible manner with the regulations set out by the Environmental Agency.

What are the benefits of a managed foam disposal service?

You have an assurance that, as an active partner in this process, we provide the most environmentally responsible approach to dealing with your waste product.

Please contact us now with any requirements you may have for the safe disposal of your fire fighting equipment and foam.

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